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Daycare with obedience training

Drop your dog off for daycare on Wednesdays and have the trainer train your dog.


Starting January 31, 2024


Wednesday daycare with obedience training.

Half hour training along with daycare play/socialiaztion.


Start your new puppy off correctly or tune up your old friend.


Skills to be taught:

Loose Leash walking

Recall (come)






Leave it


You pick the skills you wish the trainer to work on (2 or 3 per session).


The owner can attend by appointment for the 1/2 hour lesson. If you wish to attend, it will be by a firm appointment and you must be on time.


When your dog is not in training he will be in a play group. 


Drop off will be 8-10am

Pick up will be 4-5pm


$85 per dog per session. (Includes training and daycare)


Payment will be required in full ahead of the date you wish your dog to attend.  


Refunds or reschedules with a veterinarian's or doctor's note.

Bad weather will automatically be rescheduled.  


This program is not for extremely reactive or fearful dogs or dogs with a bite history.   Putting one of these dogs in this scenario can actually be detrimental to them. If your dog fits in one of these categories please contact us for alternative programs.


Only 5 dogs per Wednesday will be accepted for this program so don't wait!

Pick your dates

Contact Details

Please call  352-575-1069or use our contact form on the Contact Us page.

Ocala Dog Ranch

440 SW 110 Ave

Ocala, FL 34481

We are WEST of I-75


Upcoming Events 

Obedience/Good Manners class 


The next classes start

West Location

Beginner obedience:

3/5/24 10:30a-11:30a 

at Green Gates on Hwy 40 

3/5/24 6p-7p

at Green Gates on Hwy 40

sign up Here


Intermediate obedience:

Next class:


 at Green Gates on Hwy 40

sign up Here


Advanced obedience:

3/5/24 9-10am 

at Green Gates on Hwy 40 

Advanced #2 (must attend Advanced OB first) 

3/4/24 6-7pm

at Green Gates on Hwy 40 

sign up Here


East Location


Beginner Obedience:

3/20/24 9:30-10:30 

at the Downtown Market  

Find more info here.


Intermediate obedience:

3/20/24 11a-12p

at the Downtown Market

Find more info here.



Agility Classes

Intro to Agility

Tuesday 2/13/24 4-5pm

Sign up Here.


Agility Foundations

Foundations 1

Tuesday 2/13/24 5-6pm

Go Here 


Lure Coursing


Sign up Here


Barn Hunt

Beginner class

Tuesday 3/5/24 6:30pm
Advanced class

Wednesday 3/6/24 6:30pm

Sign up Here

Rattie Run Throughs

3/9/24 9am start time click the sign up link above or just go to the Barn Hunt page.



Updog tournament: You Pick


You Pick


UpDog Seminar

2/24/24 9am-12pm

Updog Tournament 

2/24/24 1-6pm

Go Here


Dock Jumping

IDS Dock Jumping Tournament

March 9 & 10, 2024


Click here To go to the registration page. 


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