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Intro to Agility 


For those  with little to no experience in the sport of dog agility.  This class is all about FUN! You and your dog will learn basic teamwork and some equipment foundations. 

Wednesday 11/1/23 4:30-5:30pm

4 weeks



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Agility Foundations


In this class we'll progress with your dog's understanding of all equip-meant including jumps and contacts.  You'll also start learning basic handling associated with simple sequences.  Dogs must have a good recall and be able to work off-leash. 


Prerequisite: Intro to agility or instructor approval

Foundation 1 Class


The next class starts

10/11/23 6-7pm


4 Weeks




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Foundation 1 Class


The next class starts

10/24/23 4:30PM


4 Weeks 




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Foundation 2 class


Coming on Tuesdays in November:

Foundations 2 will be 4 week modules on specific skills including contacts, jumps, turns, weaves and more.  Stay Tuned!

By scheduling any appointment you hereby acknowledge and agree with of our Liability waiver.  If you do not, please let us know so that we may cancel your appointment and refund your monies. 

Contact Details

Please call  352-575-1069or use our contact form on the Contact Us page.

Ocala Dog Ranch

440 SW 110 Ave

Ocala, FL 34481

We are WEST of I-75


Upcoming Events 

Obedience/Good Manners class 


The next classes start

West Location

Beginner obedience:

10/24/23 9-10am at Green Gates on Hwy 40 

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Intermediate obedience:

11/1/23 6-7pm

 at Green Gates on Hwy 40 

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Advanced obedience:

8/17/23 9-10am at Green Gates on Hwy 40 

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East Location


Beginner Obedience:

Monday 9/19/23 6:00pm

at the Downtown Market  

Find more info here.


Agility Classes

Intro to Agility

Wednesday 11/1/23 4:30-5:30 pm 

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Agility Foundations

Foundation 1

10/11/23 6-7pm


2nd class:

10/24/23 4:30-5:30

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Foundation 2

Coming in November

Barn Hunt

Beginner class

9/13/23 6:30pm


Level 2 class

10/24/23 6:30pm

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UpDog Triple Crown



Bite Club


Go to the discdog Page


Flyball class:

Wednesday 9/11/23

Learn more Here


Dock Jumping


Halloween Boo Splash - Full Moon Edition

Starts at 4:30pm

To Learn more go Here




To learn more go Here

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