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Lure Coursing

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If your dog likes to chase things lure coursing may be your dog's new favorite activity!

Catch the rabbit!

Lure coursing is a game of chase similar to what greyhounds on the race track do when they chase the mechanical rabbit around the track, only in this case it is a string with plastic bags attached. The string travels on a path laid out with pulleys.  The string is attached to a mechanical fly wheel that pulls it around the course. Any breed can play. This game creates little doggy addicts.  It is great fun for the dog and it gives them a chance to open up and run like the wind in a safe fenced area. For dogs unfamiliar with the game, we will play with them and entice them to chase.  Not every dog will play this game and some need no introduction, they are ready to go as soon as they see the "prey" (bags) race around the course. (This course is not suitable for Greyhounds or whippets due to their speed. Our course is just not big enough to accommodate their speed safely.)  

Group Lure Coursing Events


We are changing the way our lure coursing is setup.  We used to have it as a come one come all event.  Now to make sure everyone gets plenty of time on the course we are limiting it to 15 beginner dogs and 25 advanced dogs to have appointments at different sessions.  I.e. beginners an Saturdays and Advanced on Sundays.


You can pick and choose which session date or dates you would like to attend.  If your dog has never chased a lure before you will sign up for beginner level sessions.  If your dog takes to it and likes it well enough to run the full course several times, you can then sign up for the advanced level at future sessions. You can come back to the beginner level as many times as you like.


Advanced level people can sign up for one or all of our Advanced sessions.  Your dog has already run in an oval course or FastCat and is keen to chase the lure.


To see the dates we have available for beginner or advanced coursing  click on the sign-up button and it will take you to a calendar. The dates in black are the ones available for that particular coursing. 


Because the spots are limited you must sign up in advance of the date you want to attend or there may be no space available for you. By signing up and participating at our events you acknowledge and agree to our liability waiver.


Beginners coursing: $20 9am-12pm

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Advanced Coursing: $12 9am-12pm (except 11/23 which is 12-3pm)

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Private Lure Coursing


We are now offering private lure coursing at the ranch during the morning or evening hours when it is cooler. 

$65 per hour for up to 4 dogs. Email us if you would like to set up an appointment. Henno29@gmail.com

Please call  352-575-1069or use our contact form on the Contact Us page.

Upcoming Events 

Yoga with Dogs

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9am, $15 Cash

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Trick Dog Class


Begins 1/12/20

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Adult Dog Obedience

Begins 1/26/20


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What's UpDog

Intro to UpDog play

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February 22 & 23, 2020 

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UpDog Challenge Disc Tournament

March 28 & 29, 2020

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K9 Toss and Fetch 

Frisbee League

February 3, 2020 6:30pm

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NADD Dock Jumping Tournament

March Dock Jumping Madness

March 27-29, 2020





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