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The Dog Pool

The pool and dock are regulation sized and besides holding classes we are a NADD facility so we also host tournaments!

NADD (North Amerian Diving Dogs)

NADD is the sanctioning body we play under for dock jumping.  


If you aren't familiar with NADD check out their website. (Click on their logo) 



To register your dog to compete in NADD events go here: NADD



 To enter you must obtain a NADD number for your dog.  Then through the “portal” you will have under your dog’s name you can search for trials to enter. Go to www.northamericadivingdogs.com to do so.


Should you need a hotel for the competition we have compiled a list of local hotels and RV grounds here.


Swimming Lessons

This lesson is for dogs to learn to swim.


Most dogs will swim but some will only swim for survival.  In this class we hope to help your dog enjoy swimming so he will want to do it for fun.


This is not a dock jumping class.  This class is to help your dog gain confidence in the water and hopefully retrieving a toy in the water which is great exercise for any dog.  If you want your dog to eventually learn to jump off the dog but he doesn't swim yet you must take this class first. Not all dogs take to swimming in a pool right off the bat.  You may have to give your dog several sessions before moving on to jumping.  


$40 1/2 hour (1 dog)

$60 hour (up to 2 dogs)

Schedule 1/2 hour Lesson

Schedule 1 hour Lesson

Beginner Dock Jumping Classes

Does your dog love swimming?  Does he love to retrieve toys out of the water?  We offer beginner dock jumping classes to help you get started in this fun and challenging sport!


Private lessons available $40 for a half hour (1 dog only) and $60/hour (up to 2 dogs)




Schedule 1/2 hour Private Lesson


Schedule 1hr Private Lesson





Awesome place, awesome owners!!!! These folks go above & beyond to help the "not so sure I wanna jump off the dock" ramp divers! Wylie and I truly appreciate your compassion and dedication! Thank you!!!!  ~ C. Monger


Rent the Pool

Rent the pool privately.  You will have use of the pool and dock for you alone.  There is an extra rental fee for the use of the AR rig which applies if you require it for your appointment.


Each rental fee includes entrance for up to 3 dogs.  If you plan on having more than 3 dogs you can add on extra dogs when you click on the buttons below.  If you bring more than 3 dogs to your appointment they must take turns as we only allow 3 dogs on the dock at a time. 


Please contact us if you want to host a private party.


1/2 hour pool rental (up to 3 dogs): $33

$5  per extra dog (be sure to click add on to add the extra dogs upon checkout)


1 hour pool rental $43 (up to 3 dogs)

$5 per extra dog  (be sure to click the add on to add the extra dogs upon check out.)


AR Rig: You can also rent the Air Retrieve rig for $15 an hour and we will run it for you.  You can do that as an add-on when you schedule the appointment. If you rent the rig for Hydro Dash purposes, it will not be used for training.  It will be placed at the competition distance of 37' and it won't be moved.  If your dog has never done Hydro dash before please book a lesson instead. 



Schedule 1/2 hour pool rental 



Schedule  1 hour pool rental 

Air Retrieve

Air Retrieve class is for dogs who already jump off the dock and who's owner would like to learn the game of Air Retrieve or (AR) 


Available in Group Classes $40 or Private Lessons 1 hr. $60 (up to 2 dogs)

1/2 hour (1 dog only)


Classes available:



Sign up for Group Class


Schedule 1 hr. Private Lesson


Schedule 1/2 hour Private Lesson


Hydro Dash 

Hydro Dash will be a titling event at our December tournament!


This is a speed swimming game.  The dogs will jump off the dog, swim to 37’ grab the toy off of the arm it is hanging from and swim back to the ramp. (They don’t need to bring the toy back they just have to take it off the arm.) They will be timed on their swim.  


To learn this new sport sign up for class and join us for the fun!


90 minutes $40 


Dates TBD


Sign Up


1 hour private lesson: $60 (Up to 2 dogs)

Schedule a Private Lesson


1/2 hour Private Lesson $40 (1 dog only)

Schedule 1/2 hour Private Lesson

By scheduling any appointment you hereby acknowledge and agree with of our Liability waiver.  If you do not, please let us know so that we may cancel your appointment and refund your monies. 

Please call  352-575-1069or use our contact form on the Contact Us page.

Upcoming Events 

Lure Coursing

Dates in November, December and January will be available soon.

Click here.





Obedience/Good Manners class  Class starts 8/12/21 6pm and 9/4/21 9-10am 9am more info here.


K9 Toss and Fetch 

Frisbee League

September 27, 2021


Sign up here.

You can join up to week 3 


NADD Dock Jumping Tournament

Next up:  8/6-8,2001

Click for more info.


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