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We can train your dog or you can train him, you choose. 

Group Classes

Trick Dog Class (Beginner)


Please join us for our 6 week Tricks Class and help you build a new bond with your dog and learn some fun things along the way. You will be working toward a Novice Trick Title with the Do More With Your Dog Program or the AKC Program (or both), we will learn how to shape or master at least 16 tricks. From Crawling or Spinning to Jumping for Joy. 


This 6wk class starts TBA





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Trick Dog Class (Intermediate)

This 6wk class starts on TBA  Prerequisite:  You must have completed the beginner level or have a Novice trick title.  $95


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Come to the ranch and work with your dog in one of our group classes below:




Adult Dog Class: This class is for dogs 6months and above who need some manners.  We wil teach you to teach your dog things like walk nicely on a leash, not to jump on people, etc.  We only accept 8 students for this class. 


Adult 2 Class Starts 3/15/20 11:30am

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The next class starts 2/16/2020 at 1pm 

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Puppy Class: this class is for puppies up to 6months.  They will learn things like come, watch me, their name, and to allow you to grab their collar so when they get older they don’t learn the duck and run game when you call them to come. Fee $95. 


NEXT CLASS: 3/25/2020 6:30pm


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Private Lessons


We offer private lessons in your home or at the ranch.  


Let us help you train your dog in basic obedience and aid you in learning ways to use that obedience in your dog's every day life to make your life together easier by giving you a common way of communicating with each other.



Contact us to set up your first appointment by Email or call us at 352-575-1069


Or drop your dog off for training for the day or a few weeks!

In Board Training

If you are interested in having us train your dog we will do so while the dog boards with us.  It's great to do so when you go on vacation but you don't have to leave town to use this service.  Please contact us so we can talk about your goals.   


Day Training

Day training is a great way to have your dog trained while you are at work.  You will drop the dog off in the morning and we will work with the dog several times throughout the day and you will pick the dog up after work.  

By scheduling this appointment or class where you are training your dog you hereby acknowledge and agree with of our Liability waiver.  If you do not, please let us know so that we may cancel your appointment and refund your monies. 

Please call  352-575-1069or use our contact form on the Contact Us page.

Upcoming Events 

Lure Coursing

Dates in November, December and January now available.

Click here.


Flyball beginner



Trick Dog Class


Begins TBA

Info Here



Adult Dog Obedience

TBA here.


Puppy class

TBA  puppy class here.


UpDog Challenge Disc Tournament



Click here.


K9 Toss and Fetch 

Frisbee League

March 1, 2021


Sign up here.

You can join up to week 3 


NADD Dock Jumping Tournament

Next up:  3/19/21


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