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UpDogChallenge - Triple Crown

9/23/23 9a-2p


The UpDog Triple Crown is an event where all clubs across UpDog play the same three games and are ranked both as a club and as individual teams against everyone else participating in the Triple Crown.

The games for this year are: Throw N Go, Four Way Play and Time Warp. Per UpDog regulations, Time Warp will be played last.


Triple Crown 2023 Divisions

Below are the criteria set forth for determining your division for this year’s Triple Crown. If you and your best dog usually score within the points listed below you should enter that corresponding division with all of your dogs. One human should only be in one division, not multiple divisions.

Triple Crown Divisions - check your game average and enter the appropriate division.


Four Way Play 28 and up
Throw N Go - 41 and up
Time Warp - 68 and up


Four Way Play - 17-27
Throw N Go - 23-40
Time Warp - 28-67


Four Way Play 16 or below
Throw N Go - 22 or below
Time Warp - 27 or below

Youth (youth may opt to enter a higher division if they choose)
Age 15 or below as of 10/2/23


Also, if you are new to UpDog just enter in the Novice Division


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Obedience/Good Manners class 


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West Location

Beginner obedience:

10/24/23 9-10am at Green Gates on Hwy 40 

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Intermediate obedience:

11/1/23 6-7pm

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Advanced obedience:

8/17/23 9-10am at Green Gates on Hwy 40 

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East Location


Beginner Obedience:

Monday 9/19/23 6:00pm

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Agility Classes

Intro to Agility

Wednesday 11/1/23 4:30-5:30 pm 

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Agility Foundations

Foundation 1

10/11/23 6-7pm


2nd class:

10/24/23 4:30-5:30

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Foundation 2

Coming in November

Barn Hunt

Beginner class

9/13/23 6:30pm


Level 2 class

10/24/23 6:30pm

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UpDog Triple Crown



Bite Club


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Flyball class:

Wednesday 9/11/23

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Dock Jumping


Halloween Boo Splash - Full Moon Edition

Starts at 4:30pm

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