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Thunderdock!  16 Teams Enter 1 Team Leaves

One Day Event

Sunday 11/5/23

Registration closes 10/20/23

Check in 8am

Competition begins 9:30am

This event is not affiliated with any dock jumping organization so all are welcome to participate. 

CASH PRIZE! The winning team (4dogs, 4 handlers) will be awarded with $1000 prize money for their win.


Please be sure to be at the pool between 8:00am and 9:00am so we can take your team photo and so you can get your dog wet/warm up (there are no practice jumps for either game). Each team member will receive a complimentary team photo.


A minimum of 10 teams must be signed up for the event to go forward. 

This is a team event.  

Each team will consist of 4 dogs and consist of at least 3 different breeds (mixed breed is one breed) If a breed is challenged the owner may be required to submit proof i.e. breed registry.

Maximum of 2 dogs per owner (only 2 dogs on the team can be owned by the same person)

Teams must have a name with a Mad Max or wasteland/apocalyptic  theme. 

No bitches in heat will be allowed to compete.

If a member of the team (dog or handler) must pull/scratch from the competition they may be replaced by another team of dog and handler at the choice of the team and they may be replaced up to the day of the competition.


The competition will consist of 3 Disciplines

Thunderdock - Distance

Master Baster - Air Grab Game

Fury Road - Speed Swimming Game


Thunderdock - Distance


All 4 dogs will jump twice  (both scores for each dog will count)

Each dog has 1:30 minutes to complete their jumps

2 handlers are allowed on the dock and 1 toy reset per jump (2 total).

Each 4 dog team team will have 8 jumps count toward their team final score

Master Blaster - Air Grab Game


2 team dogs will play Master Blaster.  Each dog gets 2 attempts at grabbing the toy. The handler will decide at what distance the toy will be placed for each jump. 


The toy can be placed anywhere and must be moved forward or backward for the second grab to whatever distance the handler chooses. (It can't stay at the same distance for 2nd jump)  i.e. if the first jump is 15'. Second jump could be 14' or 20' or whatever the handler wants to choose. 


There is a 3 minute time limit to do your 2 jumps.

Ony 1 handler will be allowed on the dock.


Each dog and handler are allowed 2 jumps.  Both scores will count toward the final number.  If a dog misses, a zero will be entered for that jump and will be calculated into the final number.

Fury Road - Speed Swimming 


The 2 team dogs who didn't compete in Master Blaster will compete in Fury Road.


Each dog will have 2 jumps and each dog will have 3 minutes to complete those jumps.

1 handler is allowed on the dock. 1 cheerleader may be used but must be 10' away from the end of the pool and no walking or running beside the pool is allowed. One waiter splash by the rig operator will be allowed to alert the dog to the toy hanging above the water.


The dog starts on the dock with their back feet at the 6' Mark.  The toy is suspended from the rig at the 38’ mark 1" above the water.  Once the dog and handler are on the dock the rig operator will move the toy from the side of the pool to the center position so that the dog has a chance to see the toy out over the pool.


Once the handler is ready, the judge says 1, 2, 3, Go! The time starts when all 4 of the dog's feet leave the dock and stops when the dog’s nose breaks the 36’ line. The toy does not need to be removed from the rig. 





An average of the available jumps (all jumps no matter the score) of each discipline will be used and added together to come to a final team score.  Largest team score wins. 


Thunderdock - 4 team dog's 8 scores divided by 8 available jumps

Master Blaster - 2 team dog's scores divided by 4 available grabs

Fury Road - 2 team dog's scores divided by 4 available swims

The total of each average added together is the final score.


Tie breakers:

1. The furthest jump in Thunderdock

2. The furthest successful grab in Master Blaster

3. The fastest time in Fury Road

4. The two tied teams pick a dog to do a jump off.  Furthest jump wins.

5. Coin toss.



The entry fee is $400 per team for 4 dogs/4 handlers.

The event will be held rain or shine (rain delays where appropriate).  No refunds will be given once the event has begun.

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Please call  352-575-1069or use our contact form on the Contact Us page.

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