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Your Dog Park! Enjoy your Private, Exclusive Membership

Opening October 28th! Sign up now!  Be the among the first.  Your membership won't begin until we are open.

Come and enjoy our two spacious dog park areas that feature loads of unencumbered space for your dog to run, play and bark. Located in your neighborhood – just 20 minutes from the Square in Ocala as well as Dunnellon.  So pop down before or after your busy day of work. 



The park features lots of safe, secured pasture area for your dog to run and socialize. Safety is our first mission so small dogs have their own special area! For pet parents shade and benches are on hand. Should your pet’s fun get dirty! Benefit from FREE membership access to our dog wash area. There is also safe and secure parking just outside the park for your benefit too  


Your Dog Park Opening Hours


                                               AM                           PM 

Monday, Tuesday:               Closed                    Closed 

Wednesday - Friday           7:30 -10:00            4:30 -7:30 

Saturday, Sunday               8:00 -12:00            3:30 - 7:30 



These opening hours are subject to change and always weather permitting! Please consult our website and Facebook page for last minute updates.  Should we need to close the park as a member you will receive a “Member” update email.    


Your Membership Benefits Include: 


  • Private parking conveniently located next to the park  
  • Private access during membership hours 
  • Membership discount on Private Training, Pet Boarding and Dog Daycare services 
  • On-site attendant  
  • Pet waste cleanup & disposal 
  • Dog wash station 
  • Dog watering station 
  • On-site bathroom/ handicap assessable  
  • Dog Park Membership Identifying car tab  


Choose from One of The Following Membership Options  


Marmaduke Level – Your Annual Membership for up to two dogs $130.00 with access to the following discounts.  20% Training, 20% Daycare, 20Pool rental 


Lassie Level – 6 Months Your Bi-Annual Membership for up to two dogs $75.00 with access to the following discounts 15% Training, 15% Daycare, 15Pool rental 


Snoopy Level  Your Quarterly Membership for up to two dogs $45.00 with access to the following discounts.  5% Training, 5% Daycare, 5Pool Rental 


Eddie Level – Your Monthly Membership for up to two dogs $25.00 – upgrade anytime to the Snoopy Level to enjoy additional discounts.  


Join Now!  



How to Register & Become a Member in 5-Easy Steps?  


  1. Fill out the on-line application below.
  2. Upload your dog’s vaccination records
  3. Choose your memberhip level and click Buy Now at the bottom to pay.
  4. Schedule your appointment to meet the management team and pick up your hang by emailing dogpark@ocaladogranch.com
  5. Enjoy the park! 


Your Canine Paddock “Ten Safety Commitments”


  1. Let’s keep our paddock clean. Please always pickup after your pet, no one likes to   step in poo! 
  2. Please do not bring your female dog while she is in heat – she will be very popular dog! (it can also create a very unsafe environment) 
  3. Please refrain from bringing food into the paddock. 
  4. Grumpy dogs should not be in the dog paddock. Unruly and unsocial behavior will earn a time out with no cookie refunds. 
  5. Under 16? You must invite and bring your parents into the paddock area
  6. Please keep your leash at hand when in the paddock. You don’t know when you might need it.  
  7. No digging outside official designated areas. We have enough gophers here at the paddock! 
  8. Dog friendly equipment only in the paddock please. No prong, shock or choke collars. 
  9. Your membership allows for you and 2 of your dogs in the paddock at any given time 
  10. The Golden Rule principle applies- treat others as you want to be treated. 
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Questions?  Email dogpark@ocaladogranch.com

Please call  352-575-1069or use our contact form on the Contact Us page.

Upcoming Events 

Beginner Dock Jumping Class

9/11 6-8pm

9/21 9-11am

9/25 6-8pm


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Beginning Air Retrieve 

9/22 9-11am

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Hydro Dash



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K9 Toss and Fetch 

Frisbee League

11/4/19 6:30pm

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NADD Dock Jumping Tournament

Splashing In September


9/27/19 - 9/29/19

This is a NADD Qualifier


Practice Time

Hydro Dash




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Practice Time

Air Retrieve



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